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Hillsborough Skatepark - Ann Van Skatepark

Updated: Apr 2

Description - Ann Van Middlesworth Park, located in Hillsborough, is one of a kind and personally my favorite. This DIY skatepark has gone through many changes and progressed significantly over the years. The masonry work is on a professional level and makes for an ideal location to practice ledge and transition skating. Everyone involved in building and maintaining Ann Van should be proud of what they have given New Jersey and should be respected. That being said, I have heard the locals complaints about bikes using the park and "pegging". It has been damaging the concrete work that so many have invested time and money into creating and so many others enjoy.

Please for your own good and everyone else's - no graffiti, no stealing and no pegging.

Surface - Concrete - Slightly Rough

Lights - Yes

Photos taken December 3, 2020


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