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Toms River Skatepark - Castle Park

Updated: Apr 2

Description - Located in Castle Park across from the Toms River Police Department. This Concrete skatepark is small in comparison to most, but very smooth and fun to ride. Divided into two sections with a street course and a bowl that goes from about 4 feet to 6 feet in the deep end. The obstacles in the street section are very mellow and great for beginner skaters to grind their first A-Frame ledge or down ledge. Definitely a fun park that is worth checking out no matter what level of experience you are.

Surface - Concrete

Lights - Yes

Photos taken August 2, 2021

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Matt Danza
Matt Danza
Oct 21, 2021

Just announced: lights are installed and are now operational! Just in time for the end of daylight savings time! Thank you Toms River!

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