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Andy Kessler Skatepark - Riverside Park - New York, NY

Description - Located in Riverside Park, adjacent to W 110th St. Traveling by subway train, you would get off at Cathedral Pkwy (110 St) and walk west, past Riverside Dr into the park and walk south until you see a stairway down.

This concrete park may be my personal favorite in Manhattan. There is a long stretch of ledges and low impact obstacles. The stair sets and handrails are even on the easier side to skate and learn on. There is also a bowl that seems to be locked/closed behind a fenced area and a sign that says a waiver is required to skate it. The bowl is massive with a deep end that must be 10-feet or so.

Surface - Concrete

Lights - N/A

Photos Taken April 15, 2024

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