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Point Pleasant Beach Skatepark - Green Acres Park

Updated: Mar 27

Description - Tight little concrete skatepark located in Arnold Avenue Park. Some of the transitions are very steep and sudden. The hip with the flat-bar across the top is something much different than I have come across at other parks and extremely challenging to hit. Helmets are required and it is strongly enforced.

Surface - Concrete

Lights - No

Photos taken November 27, 2020

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Why aren’t bikes aloud at the point pleasant beach skate park. As a former bmx rider growing up in point. My friends and I had ride around random spots in the street, dodging traffic and harming those properties. Also we were forced travel as a teenager to different towns with skate parks made with the same material. Those towns didnt have any restrictions against bikes being in the skate park. So I don’t understand why bmx bikes aren’t allowed there.

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