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Manasquan Skatepark - Stockton Beach Park

Updated: Mar 27

Description - Simple little park with a couple ramps on rough black asphalt and a lot of empty space. Honestly, the curb waxed up in the parking lot is probably the best thing to skate at this park.

Surface - Asphalt - Rough

Lights - No

Photos taken November 26, 2020

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Matt Danza
Matt Danza
Aug 31, 2021

Thanks for reviewing this park, Kevin! Yes, the pavement is quite rough, and the ramps feel too spaced out so that you can lose a lot of of speed before you get to them. To minimize this, install large diameter, softer cruiser wheels prior to going for a better experience! Typically good and free parking is to be had here, unless it's a summer weekend (beach-goers). As Kevin indicated, the curb out front is full of slappy fun! This park is a good "starter park" for kids and families. Usually pretty quiet and calm. The vibe is usually friendly and relaxed. And if you're a bird watcher like me, you'll probably see some good shore birds and hawks flying…

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