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Brundy Tapes: Episode 1

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Morris County does not have much in terms of skate parks. With Chatham Park being closed, there is only Volunteers Park in Parsippany and Brundage Park in Randolph. To most skaters, Brundy looks like trash and it very well may be, but to the locals that fill it up everyday.. it is sacred ground. Check this clip out for a glimpse of the magic that goes down in one of New Jersey's crusty skate parks.

Filmed & Edited by Troy DeLuca

Additional Filming by Skyler Van Bodegon and Phil Caltagirone

Skaters - Troy DeLuca, Javon Jones, Dax Pradratis, Phil Caltagirone, Eli Bluestone-Weaver, Matt Casaverde, Andrew Alper, Matt Wheeler, Billy Callahan, Kevin Kocses, Dave Nunez, Matt Duda, Andrew Vermaelen, Anthony Saccoccio, Brad Godleski, Dimitri, Jaime Mendoza, Skyler Van Bodegon, Colby Deluccia, Joey O’Donohue, Tyler Jones, Jon Sperry, Jay

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